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The collaboration
Tate Modern Relaunch, 2016. 

The brief
Third Drawer Down Studio was thrilled to collaborate on an exclusive Louise Bourgeouis collection for the Tate Modern relaunch. The collection tied in with the Louise Bougeois Artist Room, an exhibition bringing together works from her remarkable seven-decade career. 

The artist
Louise Josephine Bourgeois was a renowned French-American artist and sculptor, best known for her contributions to both modern and contemporary art, and for her spider structures, titled Maman, which resulted in her being nicknamed the Spiderwoman. She is recognized today as the founder of confessional art. Third Drawer Down Studio are pleased to present the Louise Bourgeois collection, which will continue to grow in 2016. 

The product details
-Set of four corkboard coasters featuring works from Louise Bourgeois
-Gift Packaged 

Coaster Set x Louise Bourgeois

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