About Us

Established in 2003, our design studio has collaborated with over 150 contemporary artists to create licensed objects or sourced products for everyday use. Third Drawer Down aims to broaden the gift market creating exclusive items, designed to cater to both your store and market.

Third Drawer Down lives and breathes in the space that connects art/design, product, retail and customers. We can address evolving customer expectations by surprising and delighting them with unique & exclusive product in beautifully designed spaces.

We truly understand consumers with lifestyle interests (art, design, fashion, popular culture), which means constantly challenging our thinking, approaches and interpretations. We LOVE to explore new formats for retail, hotel, presentation and promotion, all of which helps better product launches, increased desirability and naturally is more fun!

Our Team

Third Drawer Down Studio offers a unique round table of creative thinkers who pool their individual skills together to support and develop your idea from the very beginning.

Our team of artists, designers, and marketing experts act as the perfect link between the best manufacturers and a specialised audience for your project.

Our designers know how important it is to strike the balance between artistic design and commercial sensibility and after 14 years - have this down to an art form.

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