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The collaboration
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2016 Relaunch.

The brief
The SFMOMA transformation involved years of planning and construction, as well as a complete visual identity overhaul. Third Drawer Down were privileged to be involved in the new product strategy, designing a range of functional art products from leading artists from the galleries archives including Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, John Baldessari and Cy Twombly. 

The artist
Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular, and controversial artists of the postwar era. Throughout his career, he has pioneered new approaches to the readymade, tested the boundaries between advanced art and mass culture, challenged the limits of industrial fabrication, and transformed the relationship of artists to the cult of celebrity and the global market. Yet despite these achievements, Koons has never been the subject of a retrospective surveying the full scope of his career. Comprising almost 150 objects dating from 1978 to the present, this exhibition will be the most comprehensive ever devoted to the artist’s groundbreaking oeuvre. By reconstituting all of his most iconic works and significant series in a chronological narrative, the retrospective will allow visitors to understand Koons' remarkably diverse output as a multifaceted whole.

The product details
-Puffy Sticker
-Eco friendly
-Large Vase of Flowers, 1991

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